Cisco APIC fault – Physical Interface eth1/2 on Node 1 is now down

I have been working on getting an Cisco ACI implementation up and running.  In doing so, I noticed that there were some lingering faults showing up in the APIC dashboard.  One of these faults was “Physical Interface eth1/2 on Node 1 is now down”.  This fault is caused by eth1/2 being set to admin up by default and the port not being used.

There is currently no way to correct this issue in the GUI.  However there is an enhancement coming in a future version of the APIC software, CSCuv63617.  The issue can be corrected via the CLI.  You will need to log into each APIC controller and run the following commands:

On APIC-1:

On APIC-2:

On APIC-3:

It will take a few minutes, but the faults will clear.