vCAC 6.1 SSO Configuration Error

I spent most of the day today troubleshooting an error that I was getting while configuring the vCAC appliance.  This error had me, VMware support, and our consultant all scratching our heads.  The error that we were getting was:

Invalid “Host Settings” in the remote SSO server.  Expected: ssoservername.domain.dom:7444

As it turns out the SSO server information that you enter is case sensitive.  We finally ran across a very good write up about the issue and how to resolve it:

Attach http://brianragazzi.wordpress.com/2014/09/09/vcac-6-1-sso-configuration-gotcha/

It would be very helpful if VMware would note this type of information in the configuration guides or at least provide that information to their support and professional services teams.