VMware introduces DRaaS

Vmware has made available their Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS ) offering.  It will be served out of the vCloud Hybrid Service datacenters.  It is powered by the time proven VMware Site Recovery Manager and VMware Replication appliance.

The service is intended for mid-sized companies and promises to be a seamless integration with existing vSphere-based infrastructures.  At a starting price of $835/month the service seems poised to hit the ground running.



Some of the feature highlights are list below:

  • Self-Service disaster recovery Protection for up to 500 VM’s per subscription using vSphere Replication directly inside vCenter Server
  • Recovery Point Objectives, also configured in vSphere Replication start from 15 minutes to 24 hours.
  • Recovery Time Objectives: an RTO of 4 hours is guaranteed, any VM recovered within vCHS can be powered on and remotely accessed.
  • Automated Failover Testing, Planned Migrations and Recovery, with built-in automated workflows to perform failover tests, planned migrations and live recovery per virtual machine.
  • Elastic Cloud Compute and Storage allows the right-sizing of disaster recovery environments also supporting short-term failover and recovery requirements.
  • Offline Data Seeding
  • Private Leased Line Networks Direct Connect customers can choose to use reserved networks lines to connect with vCHS Data Centers.
  • Flexible Failover Testing

To get all the details, check out the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service – Disaster Recovery datasheet


Blake Parker

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